Every setback is for a comeback


As I sit and reflect back on all the setbacks in my life I am nothing but grateful. Grateful for all the rejections, grateful for all the people who did not believe in me and for every situation that did not work in my favor.  I know that if it were not for the setbacks I would have been stuck at one point in life and would have never matured as a person and gained the wisdom that I need to live a good life.

The very reason that you are still breathing is a reason good enough that the best is yet to come.

I am grateful for the wisdom that lets me know that the setbacks need not disappoint me because there has always been a grand comeback for every setback in my life and I know there will always be.

Of course it is difficult when we are in the midst of setbacks and so this post is a reminder for myself and someone who need to hear this, the setback that you are going through is because you need a comeback.

Very often our comeback is hindered because we keep holding on to what is dead and gone. The moment we learn to let go of the dead the new will be born.

Are holding onto something that has already died? It’s time for a comeback. Let go let of your setback and it will return with a grand comeback.

IMG_20170428_083018_380You may be experiencing a setback but let me remind you that it is not going to last forever but the lesson it teaches you will last forever. Don’t be so busy worrying about the setback that you miss out on the comeback.

Keep fighting the good fight and enjoy the journey of life.




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