Your journey is uniquely yours


I was an athelete in school and I was a pretty fast runner. As a runner I know that if you are not focused on your lane and if you divert your focus at your opponents’ lane you run the risk of lagging behind. The key to winning the race is giving your best and not focusing on your opponents’ lane. And of course you cannot run on your opponents’ lane because then you get disqualified from the race.

The rule was simple : I had to focus just on my lane and give my best.

You maynot have run a race but have you ever worried that you are not getting ahead in life fast enough? Or Have you ever compared you beginning with someone’s end or mid way and felt like you are lagging behind?

One of the biggest favors I have done for myself is learning to make my journey my own and not comparing with anyone else’s. I have learned to run my race without looking towards someone else’s lane. The more you mature the more you understand that you don’t have to compare your journey with anyone else’s.

I can finally say I have found my direction in life . Once you know where you are headed and what you doing to get there, it does not matter how long it takes to get there. Neither does it matter who is getting ahead of you. All that matters is you are running your own race.

The reason I am in love with my journey is because I have realized that my journey is uniquely mine. I may or may not reach my goal but I am definitely not going to miss on being mindful of every step I take towards my goal. Once I understood this everything started making sense.

I am a Hustler and have big goals and dreams but I am not in hurry to achieve my goals or live my dream. I have this strong faith in God and in myself that I am going to get there but until I get there I might as well enjoy the ride.

Don’t be so focused on a goal that you forget to enjoy the the game.

the journey girl,




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