Collect moments not things

If you are like most people then I can tell your wants are unlimited.

There is a concept in economics known as “non-satiation” , it simple means ‘more the better’ and that you would never say no to more. You’d never say that you are satiated and that makes so much sense because satiation is one thing that does not come easy to human appetite especially when it comes to things.

I have been that person for most of my life. No matter how many stuff I possessed I never felt satiated. The more I possessed the more I wanted to possess. I was always the resource person for the people around me and they could always rely on me for anything they needed especially the little things. To be precise I have always been the ‘just in case’ type of person.

Who is a ‘just in case person’ ?

‘ Just in case person’ is the person who holds onto anything and everything just in case there is a need for any of those.

Now I am not that person anymore.  Now it exhaust me even thinking I was that person once. Now I don’t hold onto things especially not for ‘just in case’ reason.

From my experience of being a hoarder to a minimalist I can very confidently testify that ‘more is never better’. I am a student of economics and I totally respect economics but I don’t believe in ‘more is better’ concept  (for stuff).

Now I try to live in the moment, make memories, buy experiences and get rid of things. The lesser stuff I possess the better my life seem to be.

So yes collect moments not things. Life is made up of moments so make sure you have enough of great moments. Once you realize that the stuff does not need to be collected you will be able to collect moments.

                    Live light live beautiful!

Best wishes,



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