Everyone need not like you!


Disclaimer: Please read the message well to get the zest of the message. Keep an open mind, if not you might end misunderstanding the message.  

Are you a people pleaser? Are you always trying to make sure that you don’t offend anyone or making sure everyone likes you?

If you are then I can tell you are living a very difficult and miserable life.

You maybe the best person there is but there will always be people who are not going to like you. It may sound weird but it is so humbling to me that not everyone likes me.  I don’t like everyone either so why should I have a problem when people don’t like me. The people I am not very fond of are not bad people, they definitely have many people who like them a lot and they are all very good human being.  The fact that I am not very fond of them just mean that they are not the people I would want to be friends with.

Hate is such a big word. I don’t hate on people and so there isn’t anyone that I hate but there people I am not very fond of and would maintain some distance from. I have given myself permission the to not  be friends with some people. Since there is no one that I hate, I also assume that when people don’t like me it’s not that they hate me but it’s just they don’t want to be friends with me.  That is perfectly okay with me because I don’t want to be liked by everyone and neither do I want to be friends with everyone.  I am an introvert so can’t afford my attention to too many people, it will exhaust me. In fact I am grateful that not everyone likes me because that makes room in my life for people who I like and would want to be liked by. I seriously think there is a balance in some people not liking us.

I don’t do enemies but there are people I would maintain good distance from. There are people I would like to respect and wish well for from a distance. They are not bad people, they are just not people i would want to have in my inner circle. I do believe that every human being is created in God’s image so everyone has a beautiful soul. I want to do good to people and be good to people but I am never going to try and make people like me. If someone is in need of help, you should definitely stretch your helping hand for the sake of humanity but you should never be guilty for not doing enough. There will always be some areas you could have done better but you should not beat yourself up for those areas and focus on areas where you did do enough.

The people I like are those that I resonant with and want in my inner circle. These are the people i am willing to walk extra miles for but i can not walk that extra mile for every person I come across. There will some people who will be willing to walk extra miles for you but not everyone is going to go that extra mile for you and you should be okay with that.

Don’t hate people for not liking you, they are just like you and me trying to have people who they resonate enough with to be friends. If you are not the person they want to be friends with then you got to find people who will want to friend with you and who you want to friends with. Having the right people in your life will make a major difference on the quality of your life. Make sure you choose your friends wisely.

Everyone need not like you. Period!




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