No good reason SMILE 


Do you smile for no reason at all? Have you been in that state where you can’t pin point as to why you are smiling? In short ‘did you ever experience a no good reason smile?’

Well I have been experiencing this feeling a lot lately. And no I am not falling in love and yes both the hemispheres of my brain are functioning well.

All I know is that I am very much in love with every single person and every single thing that is part of my life.

You must be thinking “well good for you and you must have an amazing life” but my life is as normal and simple as it can be. I have a very routine lifestyle. I wake up at 5:30 a.m almost every morning, go to my job and return back home in between 5:30 to 6:30 p.m in the evening. My evenings are always indoor. I do my yoga practice, cook, wash up and etectra. So you see that there is no wow factor to my day. And FYI I am an introvert so there isn’t much going on in my social life either.

But I very often catch myself smiling for no reason at all.  I find joy in little things like my coffee, smoothie, walks, the sunset and the sunrise, the innocence of little children and every little things.

All I am doing is trying live in mindful way. I try to live in the moment and not miss out on moments that seems like insignificant. These little insignificant seeming moments are what adds beauty to life.

Untill very recently everytime I had to walk any distance I would have earphones plugged into my ears and not care about what is going on around. Now I am learning to walk with full awareness observing everything that’s happening around. This has really helped me understand the world around me better. Now I find myself smiling even while I am walking all alone and with earphone plugged in. I am learning to notice every little detail around. No matter how cliche it might sound but THE WORLD IS INDEED REALLY BEAUTIFUL AND SO IS LIFE.

Just take time to notice the beauty you are surrounded by next time you feel bored and you will agree with me.


I am that person who has to be doing something or the other all the time. Being ideal is such a challenge but I am learning to take time off just to sit ideal and observe my surrounding. And I can testify that that it is a beautiful state to be in if we learn to use that time to be mindful of the surrounding.

Are there any other ways where you have experienced the no good reason smile? I would love to know because I am love with this state of being.

With loads of no good reason smiles,



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