Scarcity to abundance: my journey.


I have been that person who has to have everything for ‘just in case’ . I wanted to always make sure that I don’t fall short of anything. I didn’t like the feeling of lack. I would always carry more than what I actually ended up using, stored more than what I actually needed and held on to things just in case but were rarely needed.

Goodbyes were never easy. I have gotten my heart broken and I was so scared to let go. I literally begged for my relationship. I can’t believe that I am the same person. I have learned that anything that I was scared of losing had to be taken away from me because that made me realize I am enough. I have always come out on the other side of losing better of than before. I was so naive to think that my happiness depended on a guy or the things in my life when actually all I needed was within me. Well I am 30 years old single woman and very grateful and at the happiest place in my life.

As I  try and think back I realize the reason it was so difficult for me to part with things or people was that I had a scarcity mindset and I was not even aware of it. It was like a zero sum game. Now that I have learned that there is so much abundance everywhere it is such a relief that I don’t have carry any kind of burden be it things and people . Life is not a zero sum game and each one of us have enough of what we need. Life is  not  win-lose or lose-win but it is more of win-win game.

Once you have abundant mindset it does not matter who has what and who has what because you know you have what you need and you are exactly where you are suppose to be. With this abundant mindset I travel light, stay light and live light and I don’t carry unnecessary burdens. I don’t anymore have to have everything because I know there is enough of everything for everyone. Things and people will show up as and when there is a need. But if any thing or any person is not my need for that season of life I would not want to carry around the burden.

If you have been living with a scarcity mindset I am here to remind you that you don’t have to.

I can not express in words how freeing it is to live light and to let go of the scarcity mindset. I am in peace with myself because I am not defined by who or what I have in my life. Even if I were to lose everything  and everyone I have, I would still have me and God. Yes I am God girl. If I  have God and myself I know the right people and the things will show up at the right season in my life.


If you feel that you are not enough and that you are always scared of losing then I would suggest that you get to know yourself better. The fear that you are carrying around is just an illusion and the moment you let go your life will completely turn around and smile at you.

There is so much to life and when you learn to not carry around unnecessary burden you will see it. I wish I could put down in words that feeling you get to live with when you free yourself with the unnecessary load.

It is all about the perception you have towards life. It all depends on your mindset whether you see scarcity or abundance. Remember that you don’t have to cling and  whatever you need will reach to you at the right time. Are you holding on because of the fear of scarcity? Well the good news is you don’t have to so let go.

Live in abundance!



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