Find your tribe.

Do you have the right people surrounding you? Are you confident that the people you have in your life are aligned with your destiny?

I am obsessive when it comes to having the right people in my life. I am very choosy with people not because people are bad but I definitely know that there are the right and the wrong people. I got to find my tribe, the people I am in alignment with. There are people who are not my tribe and I am not everyone’s tribe either. I do believe that the people we associate with do have influence over our life. I do not want to be influenced by people who do not share my values. And yes if you want to live in peace with yourself, you got to protect your values and not martyr them. Obviously you should be flexible in some areas but the core values should never be violated. 

For example to some stealing and helping the poor may seem to be ethical but you may not necessarily agree on that. So there will always be certain values that your inner self do not agree with and these kinds of values should never be compromised on. Any time I have tried to compromise with my core values I have always had to fight with myself and that is definitely not a good feeling to live with. 

On my journey to mindful living I have learned that not every person I come across are the right people for me. I might sound too arrogant but I like to associate with right people. People who are aligned to my purpose in life. I always want to live a life that inspires someone to live beautiful but there are people who find these too cliché or fake, etcetera and I choose not to argue with these people because to them they are right and they may never be able to see it the other way. I don’t try and convince them that what I believe in is right or wrong because I know these are not my tribe of people. I do not want to even share my work with people who aren’t aligned with my purpose. I only share with people who I know will be able to relate to and resonate with. And obviously, people who do not agree with me are not wrong people but they are not right people for me. They do have their own tribe but I am not part of that tribe. One of the lessons I have learned is that I don’t want to be wasting my time trying to win people over. It is none of my business. 

I have come across many right people in my life, people who aligned to my purpose and people who stood by my side through the thick and thin. There were also those who broke my heart, betrayed me and brought in so much misery but I would not want to discount their role in my life. These people played equally important role. Without these people I would not have learned so much about life and be the person I am today so I am equally grateful to those people as well. They taught me to get back up and face life from a different angle. I totally believe that the right people come in different shapes and forms. Some are in the form of angels while others in the form of difficult teachers.  These difficult people taught me that I am not perfect and I need to find my tribe. There are people I would always want in my life but there are also people I would keep distance from. However that does not mean I am not grateful for people who I want to keep distance from. It did take time but on this journey I have learned to appreciate and be grateful to the different roles people played in my life. 

I am totally about forgiving and all but I also believe in being wise about not giving the person who wronged me the first time, a second chance to do the same. You should totally forgive people but then you don’t have to have coffee with that person or be friends. And yes you may put up boundaries and forgiveness does not mean you give the person a chance to do you right. Forgiveness is more for the giver than the receiver. I am very quick to forgive because I understand that it is more for me than for the one receiving it. You will be able to keep toxic people away if you have that self-certainty and love yourself enough.  There are people we have to part ways with because some people do not grow as we do. It does not mean they won’t grow but for the season that you are in certain people will not fit in in your journey and you should be able to recognize that. These are not bad people but they don’t share similar values with us and so would be better to maintain distance from. 

I can’t talk for an extrovert but if you are an introvert like me keeping some people at a distance works perfect. My life is so much peaceful and calm when I keep the dramas away. When I am peaceful I get to do what I love and live my best life. And I totally agree that we should all live our best life because each one of us have something in us that only we can give to the world and the world need that special gift we have.

Choose you tribe wisely and live beautiful!



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