Expect resistance!


Have you ever got into a situation where everything seems to be coming to an alignment and then suddenly out of no where you have to face some kind of resistance? I have learned that as I start my journey to get to the next level in my life, I always encounter some kind of resistance. I have also learned to accept and appreciate the resistance that come along. I have learned not to be surprised when some people can’t connect to me any longer. When certain doors start closing it’s always been because there were better doors opening up for me. I just had to be patient and not make immediate judgment on my situation.

There will always be situations and people making uninvited entry in your life with some resistance. As you step out to live a life that is authentic to you, you are going to encounter resistance. So yes expect resistance because that is an indication that you are into something worth the resistance. I take resistance as a compliment for my strength because I know life would not throw it at me if I were not strong enough for the resistance. If you are taking a step forward hoping everyone will agree with you and that you would face no resistance you will be disappointed for sure.

Resistance is a sign that you are doing something that is going disturb the small minds. 

I am teacher and I love my students but I cannot always do what’s right for them and at the same time expect them to understand that. There are times I have to choose on being liked or doing the right thing. I do not try and justify my actions all the time and I got to let them hate me at times. I can afford not being liked but I can’t afford to not do the right thing. At the end of each semester we have a system of getting feedback from the students. If I get all good feedback I try and question myself if I really did the right thing and my students understand why I don’t always tolerate their immaturity or did I just try and please them. I always expect some negative feedback because I understand that we live in world of diversity and no matter how good a job I do there will be someone who is not going to agree with me.  So I am always expecting some resistance and I like being challenged because challenges are great teachers and broadens my perspective.

I don’t always make the right decision and I fail no matter how hard I try, so I give myself the permission to make mistakes. I tell myself that I am not going to be right all the time, I am going to mess up at times and stumble along the way but those are all part of being human. Likewise I will face resistance every now and then and that is part of growing up. Any resistance is worth the growth that follows. I am willing to pay that price for  the sake of growth that follows.

Personally, every time I am about to enter into a new season of life I have experienced some resistance. There is always a positive relationship between the resistance and the growth. That is, bigger the growth bigger has been the resistance and vice versa. So I don’t hide away from resistance or try and avoid it, I look at it in the face and face it. At times life is very harsh and it checks my patience but then I am equally stubborn, I don’t give in to the situations. When life knocks me down I give myself the permission to stayed knocked down for a little while and learn the lesson life is trying to teach me but then once I am done there I get back up and prove that I am not the one to stay knocked down. I have grown and entered into a new season of life every time I got back up after being knocked down.

We are all very unique individuals so it would be foolishness to think that everyone is going to like me or agree with me. So I am smart enough to understand that I don’t need to be liked by everyone and that there will be resistance coming my way. And I also know that I don’t have to put my life on hold when I face the resistance because that is an opportunity to grow. I do not want be so busy worrying about the resistance that I  miss out on the opportunity to grow. So I expect resistance  but I do not accept playing it safe and settling for mediocrity.

Resistance is a sign that you are growing so don’t ignore the role it plays in your life. Expect resistance and choose not stay knocked down. Get back up to witness your growth.

This the journey with Tshering. Thank you for taking time to read.




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