Wounds turn into scars

 If you have played the puzzle games then you know how the pieces in a box seem so imperfect, useless and senseless individually. But once you start putting the pieces together every piece fits in perfectly.

Life is like a puzzle game, if we try and make sense out of the individual pieces it will never make sense and might even look like some pieces are completely out of the picture.

Did you ever feel like life is unfair and that maybe God is not on your side?

Some parts of my life seemed like these puzzle pieces and I thought those must be mistakes but then as the picture started coming in together every single piece was  a perfect fit and was meant to be. I am at a point in life from where I can either see the bigger picture or have the patience to wait for that bigger picture to come together. I finally can say that I can see the dots connecting. Over the years I have grown strong enough to take whatever life has to offer.

I have been betrayed and rejected but trust me those wounds left me with beautiful scars. I was insecure, worried and lost but now I am grateful for all the stages of life and the scars I am left with. I would never want my scars to fade away because these scars remind me of all that life has given to me.  When the wounds are fresh it is always very painful but when those wounds turn into scars and once you learn to admire the scars there is nothing more beautiful than that.  My scars are not bad memories but they are beautiful jewels that only I get to wear and I would never trade them for anything. Each one of us have our own beautiful scars that no one other than ourselves get to wear. We should proudly wear those jewels and not hide them. The most difficult phases of my life turned out to be the greatest blessings. If I get to go back and live my life over again I would not change anything because everything I have come across have been in perfect alignment with the stage I am in today and where I am heading.

Many things in my life does not make sense at the moment but they will make perfect sense when I look back from the future. I know that every wound life gives me will turn into beautiful scars so I am not going to resist anything life throws at me. I guess this is what euphoria feels like and I am excited for all that I am going to discover in this journey of life. My immature self made irrational decisions but even those decisions I don’t regret a bit. I finally learned to relax and not take life too seriously because in the bigger picture every single piece will fit in perfectly.

Whatever it is you are going through I know it is very difficult, heart breaking and unfair but trust me when you look back to this day from your future it will make perfect sense. So live your best life in the midst of all the imperfections because every single moment you are leaving behind something to look back on. Your wounds will turn into beautiful scars.

Live beautiful!



41 thoughts on “Wounds turn into scars

  1. Reading this made me think of a quote by Steve jobs- “Sometimes life will hit you on the head with a brick, don’t lose faith.”
    I have also been in a similar situation. Yet, I tried, picked myself again and kept moving.

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  2. You write well but only vague reference to scars of life. I think an example is appropriate when you make such a strong statement. The reader knows nothing about the scope of what you faced, so cannot form a judgment if what you infer is accurate. Also it a huge difference approaching something dire and not knowing the outcome and looking backwards after making it through the “tunnel “. I have survived some serious health trials and I see how they were times of growth but now facing a new trial I feel worn and worried because I know something of what to expect. I do so with no joy.

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    1. Wow that is really good advice. I have just started sharing my work so I just need little more time to get comfortable sharing my life yet. But yes you’re so right I got to share my example. And now since so many people are reading my work I guess these wonderful people deserve to get know me up close and personal. I will be writing more on that in near future. Thank you so much for your feedback. I needed that. I am grateful

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  3. I totally agree to you.. Life is sometimes like a puzzle. It’s hard to understand.. Why is this happening to me? Why am i so broken? Why is life this hard? We always ask. Yet if we just hold on and trust God, He will help us. And then we can “live beautifully” 😁😁
    I really like your post.. So inspiring.☺☺

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  4. Hi!
    I am amazed at how many of us girls actually go through the same exact stages in life.
    “I am at a point in life from where I can either see the bigger picture or have the patience to wait for that bigger picture to come together. “–I see my life the same way right now.
    It’s like…i’m waiting patiently for it to all come together.
    It’s been a mess in my life recently.
    But i’m trying to find my happy place.
    Reading your blog reminds me I am not alone. That nothing is wrong with me. Nothing is wrong with you. We are all human, trying to find our purpose.

    Sorry for rambling, I try to give the most honest feedback when I read a post I can relate to.

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    1. Thank you so much for leaving such a beautiful comment.
      Yes everything we go through in life is just helping us grow into the person we are suppose to be. I am so proud of you that you are waiting for all to come together because not everyone can do so. Keep going I can assure you that if you don’t give up and keep the good attitude life will smile back at you.
      May you always have the strength and the wisdom to get through any situation in life.
      Thank you for being a part of my journey. I am honored.

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      1. Wow thank you so much! Hearing you say that makes me think even more positive. That’s what we all need, to build each other up. Help each other. Not tear each other down. I am honored to be a part of your journey.
        Life is full of surprises. 🙂

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