The talking bench

It was 5:02 p.m and I was on my way home from work when something stopped me calling my name. When I looked it was an empty and a lonely bench on the side of the road. People (including myself) were just walking by without acknowledging its presence. I don’t know how and why but I heard it calling me and asking me to rest on it for some time. Maybe it was trying to get my attention and yes it did get my attention. I sat there observing people, the vehicles, the nature and my own thoughts. It had been a long time since I last observed all these.  Let alone other things I seemed to have not visited even my own thoughts for quiet a while in the hustle and bustle of life.

I tried to listen to what the bench was trying tell me. It seemed like the bench was complaining to me about how people these days are too busy to sit for a while and observe their thoughts and the beauty around. I agreed. The bench really seemed to have not had anyone sit on it for a long time. The bench and I seemed to agree on many things. As we sat and observed I saw people moving around so ignorant of themselves and everything around them. Most people had different electric gadgets as their companion. I sat there and realized how much of a slave we have become to the different machines. It did look pretty weird and I know I am one of those people most of the time.

The bench then asked me to look around and observe the beauty and indeed I could see so much beauty around. I walk that way most days but I seemed to have not taken time to observe the beauty around or even the bench that was there all this time.

Most people did not seem to notice the beauty I was seeing. Everyone seemed so busy and in hurry. I was getting that ‘self-righteous’ feeling and immediately trying to boast , I was trying to convey the message to the bench that these people need to sit here and just take time to breath and observe. The bench as if laughing at me replied “I see you pass this way almost everyday but you never seem to even notice that I exist, so you are one of these people everyday except today”. The “self-righteousness’ part of me was immediately humbled. I had to agree on that too but I assured the bench that from now on I am going to stop by and acknowledge its preference every time I pass by.  The bench did not give much importance to my words as if it did not trust me. I had no option but not be offended because deep inside I knew our generation is losing that trust.  So rather than getting offended I just decided to prove myself right through my action and gain that trust back. But I did not mention this to the bench because I wanted it to know that tomorrow and every other day I pass this way.

Well it was 5:30 p.m and I thanked the bench for letting me sit there and for being of such great service to anyone who comes and sit there. I also thanked it for reminding me to slow down.

My yoga mat was waiting for me so i had to leave but I just wanted to sit there with the nature, the bench and myself.

When was the last time you took time to just sit and think? What if everything around us could talk? What would they have to say and teach us?  Are you taking time to listen?

Take time to listen!



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