Stretching season: the advantage of being uncomfortable

Are you willing to embrace the uncomfortable and do whatever is necessary to get to the next level? Are you willing fail few times so that you learn better? Are you willing to be an outcast and lose some people in the process of you becoming your best version?

wp-image-408794613We all get to that season of stretch when we can either shrink or grow. Anything that is powerful enough to break us is equally powerful to build us up. Whenever you are about to grow things will get uncomfortable and you may not fit in the environment you are in. Life gives us all an opportunity to grow or shrink. There comes a point in each one of our lives when we have to be willing to leave the environment we are comfortable in and adjust to the new environment. There will always be an opportunity to make the choice and our choice will determine the consequence.

I have grown through different stages of life. My immature self did try and resist being uncomfortable. Don’t get me wrong I don’t mean I like being uncomfortable now, I still like comfort but I now choose to be stretched to and beyond my limits. Between being uncomfortable  and living a mediocre life, the later is not my preference. On the other side of the comfort is where the growth happens. There is a different level of advantage in the season of being uncomfortable. I don’t wish for a comfortable life but a life that will leave me no option but to grow and expand.

I am in a season where I am being stretched to my limits but I am excited for what’s coming next. Every time I have been stretched I came out on the other side a different and a better person. I do love myself but at times I need to let myself go through some difficult seasons. I don’t want to be the person who shy away from difficulties but the one who has the courage to face the difficulties of life. Every experience that life gives I believe is necessary and important and I would not want to discount their importance in any way. Though this is not an easy season for me but I am choosing not to complain but live the experience and learn the lesson it is teaching me.

Are you in a difficult season? Are you so busy complaining that you are missing out on the experiences and the lessons?

Remember that ‘Stretch is to strengthen us and not to break us’.  Keep stretching and keep growing.



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