Intentional thinking

How often do you think? No I mean how often do you intentionally take time to think?

I thought thinking was natural and does not have be intentional. Well I was wrong. Thinking does have be intentional. We take time to eat, sleep and do our chores but thinking doesn’t seem like something that requires our attention. Intentional thinking is not just important but very necessary.   As I am learning to think intentionally I now see how much of life I have missed out by just not being intentional.

I am sitting here in a busy street and thinking. Thinking about how important and necessary it is to think. I was under the impression that I have been thinking all the time but now I know intentional thinking is so much more than just thinking.

Intentional thinking is definitely not about thinking of all that is bothering you. It is more about connecting to yourself and trying to listen to yourself. When you start intentional thinking you will learn so much about yourself and you realize that the things that are bothering you need not have to.

I have been taking time to think intentionally and it is helping me slow down and enjoy life. My experience with intentional thinking has been amazing and I would like to encourage you to try. It does make a lot difference and adds so much beauty to life.

In the olden days when people did not have so many things to do and when people were not multi-tasking I am sure they did not have to put in much effort to think. But today the generation we are living in is moving at such a fast pace that we miss out on savoring life if we don’t intentionally take time to think. In a generation that we are in no matter how much of free time we have if we are not taking time to think intentionally then life is going to pull us down. It is the sad truth that we are a generation that take pride in being on the run. We got to slow down and experience life.

I can’t imagine getting to the end of my life and having no memory of the real taste of life. The life span we have here on earth is limited so we can’t be so busy trying to get through that we forget to enjoy the journey. I hope that when I get to the end of my life be it next minute and 100 years from now I will be satisfied to have lived a meaningful life. And by meaningful I don’t mean that I have to have lived a life that everyone remembers but the life that I remember. When I look back at my life I do not want to feel like I lived for the work, the materials or the approvals, I do not want to have no memories because I was lost in the hustle and bustle of life.  I want have memories of me taking time to recognize the best in and around myself.  I want to be able to say that I lived a life that was worth every breath.

You are making memory every moment make sure you are not missing out on life by being too busy to think and savor.



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