As an introvert

I am unapologetically an introvert. I am definitely not shy but I can be categorized as anti-social. Between being at a social event all dressed up and  inside my bedroom in my pajamas the latter is definitely my preference.

As I am sitting here trying to write  I realize that I am so much at peace that I have this time just for myself. I have always been an introvert even way before I knew introvert was a word. I have been guilty of making so many excuses for not being available for social events but not a bit of regret. I totally love being inside my room just writing. Crowds usually exhausts me and solitude refreshes me. When I am really tired all I need is some time just by myself and I come out all refreshed.

As a child I remember being in love with my books, pens and papers. These were my greatest possessions. When children of my age were playing with dolls I was playing with pen and paper. I have always loved expressing my thoughts in writing. Writing feels like home to me and I have discarded piles of diaries filled with my thoughts. I am finally learning to share my thoughts out in open. I don’t dislike people or social gatherings but I prefer being with myself more. They always say that what we wanted to do when were were children is a good indication of what we really should do with our lives. Well as for me I always wanted to write even way before I could spell the words or frame the sentences. More than anything else the memories I have from my childhood days are those of  reading and writing.

I have liked my own company better anyone else’s.  I am a person with limited number of friends and I feel little weird saying this out loud but I love that. I do like quality relationships. At work I have acquaintances but not friends as such. I choose not to make many friends at work because I need more time to work so that I can go back home in the evening with no work pending. I am a teacher so yes my work can go home with me but I intentionally choose to never take work home. I always get my work done in time and so yes I have lot of advantages not having many friends at work.  Now if you are an extrovert you may feel sorry for me but as an introvert that’s the secret ingredient to my happiness. My sister is an extrovert and she has too many friends so she is mostly outdoor. She asked me once why I don’t have many friends and why I don’t go out as much as she does. To her it is devastating to imagine a life like mine where you don’t have much of a social life but for someone like me that’s pure joy. Don’t get me wrong we introverts do like all the fun attached to being with friends but I guess we prioritize our passion more.  And it’s not that I don’t have friends at all. I do have great friends and of course I love my friends and enjoy their company but I have to spend generous amount of time with myself before I can give my time to others.

However, no matter how much time we want all we have is just that 24 hours a day. In the past I have struggled to find time for myself because there was so much to do but so little time. When I am not giving myself enough time I don’t function very well and I am not my best. It is really difficult for me to get through the day  if I do not spend time with myself and do what I love to do  first. I need at least an hour a day just for myself but there were times I couldn’t do so. If you are an introvert of my type you will understand how scary it sounds to not have time for oneself.

I had to find a way and that’s when I came across the concept of minimalism. Minimalism has made my life so much easier and better. Apart from many other benefits to this lifestyle I now have enough time in hand to do what I love to do especially write. Taking time for myself is no more a struggle because I don’t entertain unnecessary activities in my day. I get done whatever is important to me first without being guilty and then if I still have time in hand I go for things that are of lesser importance. Life has become less hectic and I don’t get overwhelmed by all that I have to do because I have learned to take it all easy. I am still hustling but I do not let myself be overwhelmed.

Are you an introvert? Come and say hi and maybe share some of your introvert experiences. I would love to hear.



9 thoughts on “As an introvert

  1. Yup! I am introverted as well. I love being home in my room. I do go to social gatherings as well but when I’m there after a while I just start feeling uncomfortable, like suffocating. I have to just be home in my room. Sometimes I get the urge to just go out and do things and socialize and I get so excited about it and I’m like, “yeah, lets do this!” but when I get there I back out like I just can’t do this. What was I thinking, I just want to go home. I’ve been like this since I was little. I love to read books that interest me and love writing as well. I’m not much of a talker and not great at expressing myself to people verbally but I do a lot in writing. When I do try to express myself to people they just shut me down and family too. Writing is the way I can say how I feel. It helps because I do tend bottle up everything inside. Its all very confusing really because as an introverted person I also would to travel the world and visit great places.
    Do you feel this way?

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  2. Hi, food for thought.
    I suppose I’m a bit of both.
    I need my own time, time for MYSELF each day, to gather my thoughts and reflect.
    I also love the company of friends but am not constantly running around after them.
    I grew up at last and my family and kids are most important and I love to see and observe them spreading their wings and getting to know life.
    You as a teacher are very privileged to be able to teach and I’m sure your pupils learn a lot from you as you can explore yourself and know yourself.
    I suppose I’m a bit of both
    Cheers Mo Doyle


      1. As a mother, there is always learning and I hope they listened to their teachers. I was called to the school often regarding my son. He grew up well thankfully and now works in a large bank😅

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