The intentional walking lesson.

There is this boy  who has taught me a very important lesson. I have not been able to forget him and so I need to write about him.

I was walking with earphones plugged in and was not aware of the surrounding around me as usual.  A young boy who must have been about 10 -11 years stopped by me and asked me something. I plugged out earphone from one of my ears and lend my ear to him. He was selling something and was asking me to buy but I unconsciously denied and continued my unconscious walk.

Suddenly after walking some distance it dawned on me that I had been so insensitive to that little boy. So I immediately turned the music off and ran towards the boy who had not walked very far since he was carrying load quite heavy for him.

When I reached him I asked him what he was selling and he replied with so much of expectancy in his eyes. He was selling something to eat that had beef as an ingredient and I don’t eat meat but I didn’t want to disappoint him the second time.  So I agreed to buy and eat later. He was carrying paper plates but had not prepared for customers who wanted to pack and take. As he was trying to think how he is going pack it for me I intervened and said that I will take it in the paper plate. The moment I said that I can’t forget the smile he had on his face. Now that beautiful smile is what has stuck with me. I couldn’t believe that my small gesture could bring such a beautiful smile on his face. That is one of the lessons I do not want to forget and if I would have chosen not to take time to take conscious decision in the moment I would have missed out on that important lesson.

What a tragic and hurtful thing it is to not take in what the present moment is offering us. If we rush through life and ignore the little details we miss out the things that can actually bring so much joy to us. I learned that happiness we all are trying to achieve is made up of small details of life. If only we take time to notice those insignificantly small details and moments life is filled with happiness all around us.

That little boy taught me to take time to be conscious of the little details of life. This may seem insignificant story but I do not want to forget this little boy ever so I wanted to write and keep a record of the incidence. This is not the first time I have come across incidences like this one but this is the first time I gave conscious thought to it.  I wish I could take my heart out and let you witness the joy that little boy’s smile left me with.  If we take time and be conscious there are angels everywhere trying to lighten up our day. All we got to do is stay conscious and not let things take away our consciousness.

Don’t be on the run every-time and take time to take conscious walk. Take a walk not to reach somewhere or even for you fitness but just to notice the beauty around. Walk intentionally. Period!

Stay conscious.



23 thoughts on “The intentional walking lesson.

  1. I could almost put myself in your shoes and empathize. It’s these sort of simple small gestures of kindness and gratitude that makes us who we are. The happiness you get from this is simply amazing.

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