Victor or Victim? 

Everything we experience in life gives us an opportunity to either play victim to our circumstances or take responsibility and be a Victor. I keep getting these choices every single moment of my life. As a 4 years old child I had to be away from my parents and then by the time I was 8 or 9 years old I had to go through the traumatic experience of my parents getting divorce. In those days children with divorced parents were considered not cool at all and so had to live with that stigma attached. I felt so insecure and not wanted. It was like I was being rejected by everyone and even myself. If I would have felt sorry for myself I would have been living with that insecurity for the rest of my life. I had to make a choice and I chose to use my situations to my advantage. The moment I chose to step up and proof to myself that I am a person who is truly capable and significant rather than choosing to  live miserable and feel sorry for myself, life started smiling back at me.

Now I know I don’t have to allow my circumstances to dictate my life. I don’t question life anymore. No more “whys?”. All I have to say to life is ‘ try me’ and yes I want life to challenge me and see what I am made of. We will only know what we are really capable of in the midst of challenges and I truly believe that we get challenges accordingly. The more challenges life throw at us the more we got to be flattered because that to me that is an indication of my strength. Had I not been strong enough to face the challenges I know life would not throw those at me. 

Take on the new approach and shift your perspective on life . Don’t say , “why me again?”  instead let life know that you are going to face the challenges, learn from them and grow. The circumstances of your life do not own you but you own them. The reason most people suffer is because people choose to focus on wrong thing. The moment you learn to not make the challenges your burdens but instead take them as blessings you get to enjoy life from a new perspective.

The things you are experiencing along the way are designed to help you grow and not to break you down. The challenges  that you are experiencing may seem to be trying to wipe you out, strip away your confidence and break you down but actually you are being prepared for the next level of your life. Whatever challenges you are encountered with let life know that you are not a victim but a victor.  Get to the other side of the challenges because the blessings lie on the other side of the challenges.

The challenges can either make you or break you depending on your perspective. You can live a victorious life or play the victim. The choice is all yours. Choose wisely and I know you will make the right choice. 

Live victorious,



8 thoughts on “ Victor or Victim? 

  1. Hi lovely blog.
    My parents never divorced but somehow I got lost along the way with my mental health disorders.
    I’m lesbian, was married and have 2 wonderful grown up children.
    Thankfully healthy and not damaged.
    I was only married for 7 years but a survivor
    Cheers and love
    Mo Doyle

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