Subscribed to faith


I am subscribed to faith in God. So here is my experience from this beautiful subscription.

Once I learned that I have a God who loves me with no strings attached everything changed. I have let go of the pressure to have it all figured out or where I am going because I believe my life is being orchestrated by the divine power. With this subscription I value myself more, my self-awareness and my strength to make tough decisions increased and I became more confident of who I am.

Since I am subscribed to faith I know my value is not dependent on the things or the people. Every deficit, every failure, every empty space, every closed-door, every painful experience and every brokenness in my life were preparing me get to the next level of my life. All of the empty places and the challenges have helped me have the empathy, compassion and the grace to be able to connect with people and find a common ground.  I would not trade them for anything. The lives that I have lived is exactly what I needed to keep growing. My faith in God has also given me the revelation that who I am is enough because I am loved and valued by God.

If you are not subscribed to faith that’s okay because that’s your choice and I respect that but I do wish you could experience the beauty of this subscription. I totally believe that I was created by a loving God and that I am valued. I have to prove nothing because I am secure in God. I am still developing and I may never fully develop but I will always be loved.  It is sad that some self-righteous people seem to localize God but God is not localized. God is not just for one single group and no single group has the monopoly or monopsony over faith. There are people who make it sound like God is not for everyone but God extends grace to everyone and every human has equal value in God’s sight.


As I was taking my morning walk I came across these pigeons. I was walking really fast to get my heart rate up but as I saw these pigeons I couldn’t help but slow down and stop. I could hear them say ,“we are subscribed to faith”. They did not utter a word obviously but their action said so. Now I am little weird that way because I seem to hear even when no words are uttered.  These pigeons were teaching me to have faith in God. They were telling me that God is not ignorant to my needs but it is my faith that seem to delay His grace. They did not seem to worry about the next moment but trust God.  They seemed so confident that God will provide for them as when they have the need. It is amazing how God can convey us the message through anyone He wants.

A lady was feeding these pigeons and I knew God had appointed her to feed them at that point in time. The pigeons definitely did not seem to worry if that kind lady will feed them again because they seemed to have enough faith that God will provide through whoever He appoints for them next time.

As I stood there watching these pigeons enjoy the grain I was learning an important lesson. I realized that many a times I seem to get really impatient and try and do things my way instead of trusting God. But every time I let things in God’s hand and have faith in Him I always see His hand in every area of my life. I needed this reminder and I hope you do too.

Reminder: Your life is not an accident. You were created on purpose and with purpose. Your purpose is greater than your pain and your future brighter than your past. God created you with love and all you need to get access to all that God has for you is just a little faith.

Lot of the things we experience along life’s journey are designed to exercise our faith. The hits that life throws at us can wipe us out, stripe away our confidence, and steal our joy but our faith will help us to keep growing instead.  We have the ability to face the giants through our faith because it helps us know our worth better and unlock our potential. 

What’s your story with faith?





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