Finding the authentic version of you in the social media generation.

Diversity is what makes the world such a beautiful place. Each one of us have things that is unique and authentic to us.  The secret to being our best version or successful is to stay authentic and be our best self without focusing on the person next to us or trying to be like them. One major reason that keeps us from being authentic to our self is over obsession of what other people think of us. We are obsessed about people’s opinion of us and so we tend to do what other people want from us and not what’s authentic of us.


We are the social media generation. I am not against social media but I am against the over obsession of it. Social media is both blessing and curse to our generation depending on how we use it.  Social media has become so routine and part of life that we don’t even realize that we are turning to it. It is slowly and steadily taking control of our lives without us being aware. Every thing on social media is a highlight and it never shows the full picture. It is the edited version of real life. I do appreciate how social media makes  everything look so beautiful but I don’t let myself be fooled by it. I love the pictures on Instagram but I am not going to let it fool me into thinking that’s the reality. Real life has highs and lows but social media does not show it all.  It only shows the highlights and yet we treat it like it is real. It creates hunger for something that is not even real. Did we evolved to be fooled by something as obvious as the social media? I don’t think so.

In today’s generation the greatest thing that keeps us from discovering the best in us is focusing on what somebody else is doing. Your victory is hidden in your authenticity and not on imitation of someone else. As long as you keep trying to be a lesser version of someone you see on social media your true potential may never be revealed. The best version of who you are will be  attracted to the real you so you will never know what you are truly capable of until you discover the real you. You can’t expect your life to move exactly in the same direction as everyone else’s.

We’ve got to stop measuring our success to what everyone else is doing. Yes we got to celebrate other people’s success and learn from them but we can’t define our success based on someone else’s. We can’t measure our success based on where someone we admire is because each one of our journey is going to be different and unique.

The worst thing you can do to yourself is compare your life with other’s. Just because you saw somebody’s highlighted life on Instagram you can’t let that define how you live your life or who you become . You don’t have to travel the same road as the person you are looking up to. You could be who you are with integrity , class and head held high and not surrender to the pressure of the social media. There is something about being authentic  that starts unfolding your true beauty and capability. Isn’t it such a beautiful thing that you don’t have to be like everyone else? I find people who are confident with themselves so very attractive.

Just because someone we admire on social media seem to be going in certain direction does not mean we have to move in the same direction.  Sometimes we can allow the blessings on someone else’s life to be the blessing in which we measure our own. We will see God move in someone else’s life in a  way that’s different from the way He move in ours because we are all different and unique individuals. what worked for the other person may not work for us. Maybe some of us would not be able to handle the blessings without first experiencing the hurt and the disappointments.

At times it may look like your life is all messed up while others seem to have it all together and that is when you need to trust God more because He can do wonders with mess like yours. Do not resent that it is taking it longer for you to get to where you are heading than it has taken others. Nothing is wrong with your life if it doesn’t look like the life of those you see on social media. Just like you don’t show the lows of your life on social media they don’t either.

Do not let other people’s success make you feel like since they got there first there is no room for you anymore. If what you want is authentic to you there will always be enough space for you and no one else other than you can take that space. You’ve got to believe that your breath is a promise that God is not done with you yet.All you need is just a touch of God to stir up something inside of you. When you are prepared God will make things work for you in ways you can not even imagine. He does not use the same formula on you that He used for others. He is not limited with ideas and ways. So you can’t allow the fact that they have achieved what you are seeking make you believe that you are not going to achieve it at all.

Your miracle is in the making and it will take just one touch or one word from God to change your life. All that you had to go through will be the message that will help others. Authenticity produces greatness and you’ve got to take time to find the authentic version of who you are.


It is time to find yourself no matter the cost. You are called to stand out but you are hardly visible because you are busy trying to live someone else’s highlighted life. You can not let social media rob you from your purpose and hinder your destiny.  You life should speak something even if you don’t open your mouth. Success is never a surprise when you know who you are. You don’t have to tell people you are successful or justify your success you just do what successful people do.  Just do what’s authentic to you and that is your success.

Think for a moment and see if you know your authentic self. Have you lost that self somewhere along the journey? It’s time to find that self.

Trying to find authenticity in the social media generation,



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      1. Yes you are right. Social Media if used in right way can help a person to get aware of their surroundings. Also visit my blog if you want daily updates on Technology.


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