My dad is my superhero


DSC06411-01[1] I don’t know where to start.  I am so blessed to have a dad who is not just a father but a great friend too.

My father is my greatest hero because he laid a foundation for me to become the woman I am today. He taught me to become strong, independent and at the same time humble. He made me believe that I  am capable of achieving anything I set my heart on. So today’s post is dedicated to my dad and all the dads who play such an important role in the lives of the daughters.  No matter how old we grow our dad never stop being a super hero for us.

It’s because of my dad I have not let any guy mistreat me or make me feel inferior in any way. My dad has always made it very clear that I am worthy and very much capable. He brought us daughters (I have a sister) up making us believe that we can do anything we want. It is because of the way he treated me I couldn’t tolerate being mistreated in any way.

It is so important to us daughters that our fathers make us believe in ourselves. Had it not been for my father I don’t know where I would be. He was there for us even when mom wasn’t around. He did not only provide for our materialistic needs but also poured out so much love and care in bringing us up. He set such a good example of how we should be treated and so I have never tolerated being mistreated in a relationship and  I knew when to walk away because my dad made me believe that I am worthy and I deserve to be loved.

Fathers play such an important role in daughters’ lives. It is he who lays a foundation of every other relationship. He teaches us how to be treated. If the fathers do not treat their daughters right, the daughters seem to not understand their worth and then let other guys mistreat them. That is one major reason why so many girls silently keep tolerating the violence and injustice.

For a little girl if the father do not show an example of  how she should be treated then she may not think how she is being treated is wrong  even when she grows up and becomes a victim of a wrong relationship. It breaks my heart to see so many young girls just tolerating violence in relationships and one major reason may be because their fathers might not have shown them an example of what they are worth and how they deserve to be treated. I hope every father understands to lay this foundation in their daughter’s life. My dad did and I am always grateful for that.

Thank you all the fathers for always being our strength and our rock. I have a father who is my superhero and I am always grateful for him. He has always given me the freedom to be who I want to be but at the same time he has also taught me to be a good human being. He is a man of God and his faith in God is what makes him the father he is.

Happy fathers’ day to all the fathers who are always the superhero for their daughters.

With love,



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