Thank You!


I am dedicating this post to my 50 followers. Yes I have fifty people following my journey and you are my people. I know 50 is not a big number but to me it is. All I need are quality people and that’s who I have got here.  I am grateful for 50 awesome people on-board with me and I would like to let you all know that I don’t take any of you for granted. Each and every one of you are very special to me. Thank you for choosing to follow me and be a part of my journey.

I am an introvert person and so I am not a people person. I am not here to have lot of followers. I do not want too many people following my journey unless I am inspiring them to live a better life. The reason I am putting myself out here is because I know there are people to whom my experiences from the journey of life will be helpful. I have had many people tell me that me testifying my life experiences have helped them get through difficult situations and I am always humbled to hear that. I am grateful if I can make a small difference even to just one person’s life. I know God has given me this gift of encouragement and inspiration which I would like to make the best use of. When I get to my maker I want to be able to stand there and give good accounts.

In case you are still not sure why you are following me then let me tell you that you are here because you can relate to my journey. It’s amazing that we can relate so well to people who we have never even seen once. Except for my friend Radhika all the 49 followers are the people I have never seen before but some of you have become such good friends and a significant part of my journey. Thank you for choosing to be a part of my journey.

I will keep updating you all about my journey and lessons I am learning along the way. I hope I am inspiring you to live a good life and to be grateful. In future maybe we can even do some meet ups and meet each other in person.

Anything you do I hope you do with good intentions and to inspire the people around. I am a teacher by profession and I take my job very seriously. I get to touch lot of wonderful lives and I always try my best to make sure I am leaving positive impact on their lives.

Let us all live inspired lives and keep inspiring each other.

Once again thank you for being here. You are awesome.

With a grateful heart,



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