Excited about the new opportunity!

Hello my people!

I have been quite silent for the past week as I have been busy with exams and interviews. Here’s an update on what’s happening in my life and the lessons I have learned through it all.

I am going back to college to study and not to teach this time. I am excited and overwhelmed to be a student once again. Yes I am that nerd who crave for studies. I have been wanting to continue my further studies and I have been applying for scholarships. I am glad to let you all know that I got a scholarship to study Mphil in Development Economics.  I am so excited and grateful for this opportunity.

I have to say that my journey getting here has been very interesting but not an easy one. I was taking many small steps each day to get to this point. Many say I am lucky but I don’t believe in luck . I believe in getting into alignment and listening to the voice of God.

Along the way at times I have had to isolate myself and be okay with some people not understanding my journey. I had to say no to certain things and people. And above all I had to learn to wait even when everyone else seemed to be running ahead of me. We all go through that season of waiting. I don’t know what you are waiting for but I would like to let you know that all things are working for you behind the scenes if you believe so.

For the most part I had some idea as to where I am going and where God is taking me in this season but I didn’t know it was going to happen at such an appropriate time. I have been teaching for 3 years and my contract ends on 10th July, 2017. My course for Mphil starts on the same day.  I had even got the new contract papers for next three years to sign in. But there was something within me that didn’t allow me to sign those papers. So I had kept those papers inside my office drawer and was asking God for His guidance. The very next day I received an email for a skype interview for a scholarship I had forgotten that I even applied for. So the next day after receiving the email I sat for the interview and the day after the interview I received a confirmation email for my acceptance to the fellowship.

You may not believe in God but I do because there are enough evidences like this one in my life to make me believe. Even in the most difficult seasons of my life I have always known that God is there watching over me. I don’t know the whys and the hows but all I know is that God makes all things work together for my good. We do at times get impatient and doubt His existence but He is always on time. In my experience  He is always making Himself visible and audible but we fail to see and hear Him.

When we are not clear about where we are heading and who’s leading us, we begin to make compromises in the moment that betray our authenticity, our principles and where we say we are going. But as it starts getting clear it begins to crystallize what we should and should not do, who we should and shouldn’t hang with or who we should and shouldn’t be. When things are blur we can’t tell the difference between the two.

Once I started seeing the future God has for me it helped me in my present to identify what does and doesn’t fit in my life.  What behaviour is going to get me there and what is not. And once I  began to align my attitude with where I wanted to go I started seeing amazing things happen in my life.

I also believe that we have a common enemy who is a specialist in making us live beneath our calling and purpose. So unless we are extra careful of the devil’s schemes we are going to find it really difficult to get to the place of alignment. I do believe that the spiritual battles are real but we have the power to win over as long as we are in the place alignment with God.

When we give ourself the permission to live in moments that are beneath our calling we tend to get mad that the future that we have been praying for doesn’t arrive. But the thing we should instead be doing is getting into alignment. I have learned that is so necessary to get oriented with God’s purpose for my life. In order to fulfil the purpose I got to keep the vision He has given me and get into alignment.

There is a lot of pain attached to our future because many of us worry about the hows and the whys. The hows and the whys  are none of our business but God’s so we got to learn to stop worrying and keep believing that He is going do it in His time.

Trusting God makes me excited and gives me the kind of  joy and I don’t even understand why. Something in me is crazy enough to believe that God is watching over me and He is going to fulfil His purpose in my life.

One major reason many of us are depressed is because we keep reliving the past to a degree where it starts impacting our present and the future. It is so necessary that we stop reliving the past. Ask yourself if you are reliving the moments gone by. If you have to then stop associating with people who are not designed for your present or the future because who we associate with plays a major role in keeping us in the past. I have talked about it in my post here.

I had to learn that what worked for me in the last season may not work now. I had to learn to keep upgrading my spirit and faith. Old mind can’t handle what new mind is doing. As I upgrade I find some people not being able to connect with me anymore and that is a part of life that I have learned to make peace with.

Have you ever watch a 3D movie in the movie theatre without the 3D glasses? If you have you know that you don’t see clear picture without those glasses. If you do  you might keep wondering why everybody is so excited and seem to be enjoying the movie while you don’t even see the picture clear. You got to put on the glasses to see what is there in front of you the whole time. When you put on the glass of faith you can expect the impossible. God will make a way even in the most dry land.

If you just have enough courage to believe I can tell that God is going to use your mess to become a message. You are going to kiss all the disappointments you are going through once you get to the place of alignment.


Make decisions today that your future self will thank you for. And please do share with me what small step are you taking today that your future self will thank you for.

Thank you guys for being a part of my journey this far and I hope to have you on-board for the rest of my journey.



3 thoughts on “Excited about the new opportunity!

  1. Congratulations Tshering! Most of my friends, including me say no to further studies. I don’t know why. Maybe it’s because our college didn’t meet our expectations or we just lost interest. Besides, it’s good to read out your post after a long week with some exciting news. The part where you talked about “luck”, luck does exist; you must have heard these quotes, “Fortune favours the bold” & “The harder you work, the luckier you get” luck is everywhere disguised as opportunities and duties, we just have to make it reveal itself by working hard and smart. Then it’ll definitely show up. I wish you nothing but the best wishes from the bottom of my heart for your current and future endeavours. All the very best. Cheers! 😊

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    1. Hi Vinay!! Thank you for your support. Yes I know many who say no to further studies and there is nothing wrong with that because we are all different. Our areas of interest differ and we need not have to necessarily go for further studies. Some are self educators and you may be one of them.
      Thank you for your good wishes. 😊

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