Make yourself the priority.

I have been very busy lately with my work and it has been little difficult to take my personal time but it is never impossible.  I always try  to take some time for myself before I invest on anyone or any thing.

Yes there are times in each one of our life when we can’t even afford to take some time to breath properly.

In situations like these the old me would have lost her mind and would have been suffering with severe migraine almost everyday but not the new me. I am pretty calm and in perfect health despite the hectic life. I am able to do so because I keep checking on myself and see if I am failing to take care and make myself a priority.

No matter how busy life gets I have learned to always take time to start and end my day with some personal time. I need to recharge and refill myself everyday and that is what keeps me going without losing my mind. Even if I can afford only 10 minutes in the morning and in the evening it makes a huge difference in keeping myself calm and focused.


As women we have the tendency to prioritize everything and everyone but ourselves. We sacrifice our time and energy for everyone else but ourselves. I have learned the importance of first taking care of myself before I can even think of taking care of others.

No it is not selfish of you if you do something for yourself before you do for others . As women we have so many different roles to play and yes it is a blessing to have so many different roles but before we get into any role we got to first make ourselves the priority. If we don’t intentionally take time we will never have time.

Though I am not married and have no kids but I still at times feel guilty for taking time for myself, so I totally understand if you are a mother or a wife how difficult it must be for you to take some time for yourself. But if you are constantly giving all of you without refilling then you are slowly and steadily dying inside.

I see so many frustrated women and it is because they have been giving away too much without refilling in to themselves. As women we are by nature always giving and sacrificing but sometimes this nature of ours do more bad than good.


I do appreciate giving and sacrificing but we got to make sure that it is coming from a place of abundance. If you are giving from a place of scarcity it will bring more pain than joy both to you and the receiver. Your giving should add value to people’s lives and that is possible when you are giving from a place of abundance.  Giving from a place of abundance brings joy to you and the receiver.


Spend time with yourself and always give from a place of abundance. When you are mentally and physically healthy that’s when you can give and be of service in the most effective way. I always make sure that I exercise my mental , physical and spiritual health because when I am healthy in all these areas I am able to give with joy and not drain out my energy.

I am my priority. Period! How about You?




5 thoughts on “Make yourself the priority.

  1. Taking time to ourselves is much needed! I couldn’t agree more! Even Robin Sharma advices to spend time in solitude and prioritise yourself, being with successful people indeed makes you like minded and optimistic. However, taking time to yourself brings out nice ideas and creativity.


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