That person in the mirror

Who do you see when you look in the mirror?

As for me, I see this beautiful person who has fought many battles and is still standing strong. I see a strong and a sensitive human. I feel proud of this woman who did not let the rejections, broken heart , mistakes, failures or anything take away her joy and strength . I see the woman who knows her worth and also knows who she really belongs to i.e., the God of all creations. Her strength comes from the Lord and so she is not shaken by the little storms of life.

Of course I have those days when I just want to sit back and cry but I don’t let that be my life. I do give myself the permission to cry and whine but I can’t let those kind of days last for long. It’s okay to have not so good moments and days but I don’t want to live not so good life.

We get just one life and so I try to make it the best one in my own little ways. We take time to celebrate everyone but ourselves. Of course we got to celebrate others but we can’t let that be an excuse to not take time to celebrate ourself and take pride in how far we have come.

I have learned that my capability to love and celebrate others is directly proportional to my capability to love and celebrate myself and so I make it a point to love and celebrate myself always. Like everyone else I am fighting my own battles every moment but here I am still standing strong and proud of who I have become. I would never want to take any of those for granted because I understand how difficult it is to keep going at times.

There were times in my life when I thought I won’t to be able get to the other side of the battles but every single time I came out on the other side stronger and better. I have had to fight many battles to be the person I am today and I can never let anyone or any circumstance make me feel anything less than who I really am. If only we could learn to love and celebrate ourselves better this world would be so much more beautiful and exciting.

I hope that this post will encourage you to look and admire the person you see in the mirror for all the many battles she/he has fought and still kept going. I hope you find time to look at you be proud of how far you have come.

Always remember, that person in the mirror is a fighter and a beautiful person.




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