Learn to be proud of who you are: lesson from the dandelion.

Dandelions are my favourite kind of flowers. Some say they are not flowers but weeds. But that doesn’t matter because the difference is in the judgment. It’s about how you see it. Some may see the weeds while others see the beautiful flower. Simple and elegant.

There are many beautiful flowers in the world but the dandelion knows that there are none like it. It doesn’t get intimidated by the fact that are many other kind of flowers in the world because it knows it’s worth. It doesn’t have to compare itself with any other flowers because it is beautiful just the way it is.

It grows in the wild but it knows it’s worth and stands in confidence. I always see the dandelions with its head held high even when the wind blows it off. It doesn’t let the wind blow off its confidence instead when the wind hits it the hardest its beauty is reflected the most.


When some perceive you as a weed in the wild, remember that there are some who see you as a wish and a ray of hope.

It’s all about perspective.

There will always be different kind of people in your life. Some will see the beauty within you and some won’t be able to. Don’t determine your value based on someone else’s judgement of who you are. Be proud of who are and keep your head held high. Let the storms of life be an opportunity for you to reflect the beauty within you. When the storms hit you I hope you will stand with your head held high and let the storm accentuate your beauty.

Each one of us have a unique beauty within us. If you are a rose be the rose and if you are a dandelion be the dandelion. Irrespective of which one you are, you are beautiful. Some like bright rose while others like myself prefer the simple dandelions. There is no doubt that I admire the beauty of roses and other flowers but the dandelions are my favourite.

There are many beautiful people in the world but just remember there is no one else like you. You were created very unique and beautiful in your own way. Be you and stay beautiful just the way you are.




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