About Me

20160206_205127-01[1]Every life has a story to tell and so does mine. I am an introvert and a nerd in my own way.  I am 4 feet 8 inches tall 30 years old woman totally in love with my life.

Disclaimer: Acedamically I am a student of Economics not of Philosophy but I am also a student of life and so I might sound a lot like a student of philosophy.

I have a message because I believe in living the best life. I know we are all very different and unique but we all strive to live a good life. Each one of us has been given the freedom of choice which we so often take for granted. I have learned that the choices we make in the moments determine the kind of life we live to a great extent.  Challenges are part of each one of our life and the earlier we learn to appreciate them the better our lives will turn out. We can choose to live a good life or a miserable one, it all depends on our perception of life and the choices we make.  It may sound cliche but it is cliche for a good reason.

I am a woman who knows her worth and no I did not always know that, it did take me a long time to accept me for who I am. Now that I am in love with myself I hope to inspire others to do the same and live their best lives. I don’t have all the answers and I ain’t no expert but my journey like any other journey is worth sharing. Everything I go through in life is an important lesson to me. I believe that the greatest challenge in life is discovering who we are and then after the ride is beautiful. On my journey to being a better version of myself I have learned that this is one thing that many people miss out on and I am trying to share my journey and hoping that someone will be inspired by the perfect imperfections of  my life.

Thank you for being on-board with me. I also hope you will be kind enough to share your stories and leave me suggestions. I am a teacher by profession but I am not here to teach but to learn.

The girl on the journey,